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Commercial & Industrial Filters

Kinds of Filters: Air, A/C, Oil, Fuel, & Transmission
Use for: Agricultural, Automotive, Diesel, Paint Booth, Racing, & Washable

BALDWIN is one of the world's top filtration manufacturers, producing quality products for the automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty filter markets. Baldwin has a complete line of over 4,800 different lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic, and transmission filtration products available.  As a leading filter manufacturer, Baldwin invests heavily in research and testing. Baldwins technical center includes a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing to SAE, ISO, and other standards. Control over quality and cost is an important reason why Baldwin does not just assemble the filters, but also manufactures the filter components. Special equipment has been designed to produce quality components which can handle high-pressure surges where other filters fail.

Air Clean air is essential to engine survival and performance. Baldwin air filters feature two proven methods to separate and stabilize pleated media PermaPleat, a process designed to prevent bunching and insure uniform air flow, and Hot Melt Glue Beading, a process which applies a continuous bead of adhesive to lock the pleat tips in place and prevent movement.

Fuel Fuel systems are at great risk for contamination from the very beginning. Baldwin filters are designed to fight fuel contaminants, including water.

Lube No matter how efficient media, lube filters must stand up to tough operating conditions.  The Baldwin heavy-duty baseplates are cold-formed to create a solid platform that doesnt bend or twist under high pressure surges.  One can/baseplate seaming technique creates a double-rolled tuck lock to with stand pressure and vibration.

Hydraulic As the sophistication of hydraulic systems and components has increased, so has the importance of system maintenance, especially the filtration of system fluid.  Baldwin hydraulic filters are designed to maintain system cleanliness and to insure equipment reliability and efficiency.

Coolant Diesel engines depend on their cooling system for protection from damaging temperature extremes. Baldwin has a complete line of products to keep you cooling system in peak condition. Baldwins BTE and BTA PLUS Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) provide maximum protection against cavitation erosion, liner pitting, corrosion, scale, rust, and foaming. From SCAs to Cooling System Cleaner (CSC) to Coolant Test Kits, your system is protected with Balwin.

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